CIC Employer Portal

Effective October 26, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) implemented the Employer Portal which replaces the IMM5802 form.  This is another step in CIC’s efforts to manage employer-specific work permits and allow for greater compliance measures.

Employers must enroll and apply through this new portal to bring in temporary foreign workers through an International Mobility Program (IMP).  They must submit employment-related compliance data and pay a $230 fee prior to sending the foreign worker to the visa office or port of entry.

This new change was made and announced the same day (above) so a short Grace Period is available.  Foreign nationals who have been given an IMM 5802 form submitted to CIC prior to October 26, 2015 have until November 21, 2015 to submit a work permit application to a Visa Office or a Port of Entry.

New developments on the Employer Portal will continue to unfold as more details are worked out.




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