Employee engagement

Employee engagement is sustainable if ignited in the right way.

Employers can direct staff to effect a meaningful outcome by inspiring performance. However, the attitude and willingness to take action is personal.  The traditional power and control dynamic has changed as workers are more educated and mobile than ever before.  Managers can yield some influence but the initiative must come from within. More importantly, when an individual perceives they have choice (autonomy) and are acting of their own volition (initiative), the outcome feeds itself. This brings about satisfaction and increases the likelihood of the behaviour again.

The practical way to build business success is through alignment of values and shared goals.  One way to do this is to create team spirit by propelling the collective effort towards organization objectives.  The simplest way is to start is at the recruitment stage when new hires are selected.  For existing employees, the key is to make the effort to understand what is meaningful to them.  This insight helps managers connect and communicate with impact so the team works together effectively.

Engagement requires management to nurture the fire from within. It’s not about manipulation but that of inspiration and alignment.  In the information age where employees are informed and have choice, business leaders need to provide the support, resources and direction to succeed.

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