Our role is to provide a realistic idea what is required, how to achieve the best outcome and what pitfalls you might encounter in your immigration application. We provide honest feedback on your chances of success so you don’t waste your time and money. We can also help you put together an actionable plan that will work.

Yes. If you are interested in a general overview of Canadian immigration programs, they are available on the internet via the government websites. However, there is a lot of information to navigate. We help clients understand how to apply this knowledge to their own situation and in a practical way.

An experienced consultant will minimize your stress and save you time. We stay informed on Canadian immigration laws and regulations and any changes to it. We have a wide range of experience with immigration clients and IRCC applications and bring this knowledge to help you achieve your immigration goals.

If you decide to hire someone to help with your immigration case, be sure to choose a licensed immigration lawyer or a regulated immigration consultant (RCIC) who you are comfortable working with. You want to also make sure this person has the knowledge and experience necessary for your type of case and application.  You also want to work with someone who is honest with you and has professional integrity.

We do not do recruitment for the purpose of immigration. Our role begins when you already have a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Our consultations are unique and personalized. We provide thorough assessments designed to help you understand the whole picture. This includes your circumstances and the practical issues for you in the meantime. By doing a balanced review, we place your best interests as the highest priority. Our goal is not to sell you on more services you don’t need.