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HR Experience

Global Mobility

I help businesses work better

What sets Higher Options apart is an attention to the details that drive each organization. Every business is unique—its circumstances, operational goals and employee culture all consist of many moving parts. As a result, cookie cutter solutions won’t work.

What works with one team in a given environment does not always fit another. What works for you depends greatly on who works for you. Together, we take people and processes to higher ground.

What matters most

When I partner with senior leaders to address their business challenges, we do it together. You know your business—I know HR. Together we grow potential through people.

This personalized approach is powerful, practical and necessary because while you work in the business, Higher Options goes to work “on the business.”

Together we implement processes that address current challenges while creating operational strategies that support the sustainable future of your business—through your people.

Service Options


You realize that your staff is one of your greatest assets and having the right tools and processes are essential. Let’s sit down and find out what is on your mind. We can discuss your pain points and see what your higher options are available.

HR Audit

We can help you figure out whether your organization’s HR practices are adequate, legally compliant and effective. By taking an objective look at your policies, practices, procedures and strategies, we can get to the heart of what really matters to you and your team.

HR Project Solutions

We put together an operational plan that targets the specific pain points in your people processes—then we go to work. This project-based approach, coupled with performance-based coaching and support, is designed to build the crucial buy-in and deliver ongoing results.

“Amelia came in, reviewed our process, made recommendations, and put together a comprehensive package to improve our hiring program. Amelia’s friendly, “do whatever is needed” approach made working with her a pleasure. If our needs changed she was able to modify her search and move in the direction we required. Hiring great drivers with good communication skills, flexibility, and good work ethic is not easy in today’s market, but Amelia was able to source out some topnotch employees.”
Brian Easton, Director of Operations
Coldstar Freightways