Helping Businesses Unlock Their Potential

The HR mindset has proven key for small to mid-sized businesses
looking to both increase efficiencies and
improve their bottom-line.

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1. Recruiting for Success

  • Recruit to retain;
  • Interviewing skills for interviewers; and
  • How to identify candidates for the “right fit.”

2. Maximizing Your Team’s Potential

  • Building an effective team;
  • Daily diligence vs. annual review—it shouldn’t be a surprise; and
  • Generations at work—millennials to boomers and beyond.

3. Management Practices

  • Supervisor’s tool kit (orientations to terminations);
    Time management; and
  • Effective meetings.

4. Specialized Topics

  • Canadian immigration programs;
  • Global mobility and relocation policy;
  • International students; and
  • Pathways to Canadian immigration.