Simplify to personal success

Everyday I read about the dilemma we face as humans trying to balance our lives.  In fact, our personal and work lives have become very complicated in the last century, we don’t know how to slow down.  In the age of the knowledge worker, individuals possess a lot of individual power because of our access to knowledge.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t help us to be overwhelmed by the amount of information.  Too much of anything is paralyzing.

There are countless articles on work-life balance but I don’t believe there is such thing — something’s got to give.  The symmetry suggested with the balancing reference is impossible.  It is a constant juggling act to figure out what priorities we keep and which ones fall off our radar.

The key to living a “good” life, albeit a meaningful one, is to be self-aware.  This enables us to keep our priorities in check, make easier adjustments when things change and find the contentment we crave.  I think we can start by redefining success.

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