Higher Options has been fortunate to work with many amazing and talented clients. Some of them have offered to share their experiences here…


“Amelia came in, reviewed our process, made recommendations, and put together a comprehensive package to improve our hiring program. Amelia’s friendly, “do whatever is needed” approach made working with her a pleasure. If our needs changed she was able to modify her search and move in the direction we required. Hiring great drivers with good communication skills, flexibility, and good work ethic is not easy in today’s market, but Amelia was able to source out some topnotch employees.”

Brian Easton, Director of Operations
Coldstar Freightways


“I hired Amelia Chan to work with me on a number of large, from the ground up projects including an organization-wide compensation review.  Our managers enjoyed working with her because of her really positive and sunny personality.  Amelia is professional in her HR practices – thorough, organized and detail-oriented.  She thrives on variety, can handle a fast pace and many challenges.”

Kathrin Lake
Manager, Human Resources
Union Securities


“Amelia is professional and approachable.  She helped me understand where we needed to go, how to get there and when to change direction.  With immigration, it is all about the quality of the paperwork.  The more time you spend preparing, the less nerve racking it is when you are dealing with the immigration office.  Amelia was clear, confident and precise in her approach and she worked with me to prepare a well documented application that impressed the immigration officer – as a result, my work permit was processed smoothly and efficiently.”

Harry Linden (Producer)
Work Permit Client


“I’ve spent a considerable quantity of time working with Amelia over the past 3 years.  She initially helped me obtain a work permit and then we proceeded on my permanent residence here in Canada — both processes were quick and efficient. I think I can safely say that you will not find a better Immigration Consultant than Amelia. Not only is she enthusiastic and hard working, but she’s one of the friendliest and most pleasant people I’ve ever met! ”

TC Harris
Work permit and BC PNP Client


“It’s a breeze working with Amelia – she’s always responsive, clear, and efficient. Amelia is the go-to person for various types of work permit applications, work permit renewals, permanent residency applications, and current information about immigration and relocation requirements.”

Nomi Iiyoshi
HR Administrator
Rainmaker Entertainment


Amelia is an excellent immigration consultant, and she always answers our questions simply and clearly.  I confidently recommend her services to anyone looking for Immigration Legal representation in Canada.

Y Kim (Digital Artist)
Work permit and BC PNP Client


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